Pensupreme Soda Machine

Pensupreme Soda Machine Mystery

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A reader wrote to me regarding a piece in their possession which was once used by Penn Dairy for trade shows. It is an automated soda fountain with characters which move when plugged in. It still functions and as you can see from the photos below appears to be in impeccable condition. Roughly three feet high and wide. The piece is likely from the mid-20th century judging by some of the paperwork that comes with the fountain. If you have any information regarding this piece, feel free to drop it in the comments, the owner has been trying to find out more about it for years.

The plaque on the piece lists “The Luft Studio” in Wernersville as the creator. The owner of this piece also has some interest in selling it. So if this seems up your alley email me at [email protected] and I will get you in touch.

Photos by Venus Styer

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Paul R. R Fretz
Paul R. R Fretz
3 years ago

The Luft Studio was very popular in providing hand carved Marionette Shows for our entertainment. We took our son to one at the Berks Historical Society in the late 80’s. Quite abit of history has been documented about the treasured Luft Family. A quick internet search yielded to following, pertaining to an auction around 2014. The object is a similar diorama.

“This interesting animated display was built by the Luft Studio in Wernersville, PA. The Luft Family were puppeteers and built puppets, marionettes and animated displays for their studio, department stores and more. Some of their items were on display at the World’s Fair! Here is an article written about the Luft Family:
This display lights up and all the animation works. Click on the video link below to see it. Better yet, stop by the showroom to watch this display in action. Measures 45″ x 20″ x 31″ tall. Requires 2 people to carry this out so please bring a helper.”

Glenn Gasser
Glenn Gasser
3 years ago

I still have a ‘badge’ that says “I had a Thing at Pennsupreme”. Their “Thing” was a giant sundae!!

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