Santa Photo Mystery Location – From the Family Album

My Mother and Aunt are in the process of going through my Grandmother’s possessions and cleaning out her house. They came across these photos of children and their mothers waiting in line to sit on Santa’s lap. My Grandmother is the young woman in the white coat and black hat, holding the hand of my young Mother with the curly blonde hair.

We estimate the year to be around 1963/64. She has no recollection of where these photos were taken, so if anyone recognizes the room and where it was located feel free to drop a comment. It would be great to know.

Santa Photo Mystery
Santa Photo Mystery

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  1. There’s a Philco clock above the door so wherever this was they most likely carried TV’s and radios.

  2. The name on the clock above your mother may give a clue to where the photo was taken. Back in the 1960’s companies often had Christmas parties for their employees including visits with Santa and presents. Hope this helps. Base on the hairdos, I think the period is the mid-1960’s.

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