About Alexa

A Berks Born Millennial – I grew up listening to stories told by my Parents, Grandparents and Great-grandparents about the “good old days”. I am fascinated with the culture, design and styles of the mid to late 20th century. If I could figure out how to build a time machine I would surely go back, just to observe. Until then these pictures and videos are the closest I will get.

Schools & Occupation

Wilson High School ’09
Philadelphia University ’13
Web developer & Graphic Designer by profession

I spend my time…

being a wife and new mom
Working toward self-sufficiency
Outdoor enthusiast – find me on the trail
Flipping our mid-century contemporary home
watching Philly sports – Flyers, Eagles, Phillies

Fun Facts

  • Great-Grandfather owned Meckley’s Hat Shop in Sinking Spring
  • Own a home built by a founder of Berks company Arrow International