Monday Mystery: The Hot Air Balloon

Found this image in my family’s album, but no one seems to have a recollection of what, where or when this image was taken. It was likely taken in the late 60s/early 70s, and appears to be summertime by people’s apparel. It looks to be some sort of fair or carnival at a local park. Do you recognize the location or event? Doesn’t that hot air balloon seem a bit too close to the power lines for comfort?

UPDATE 8/16/18: Mystery solved! Thanks to Richard Douglass and the nice folks over at the Early Years of Sport Ballooning facebook group, we have found the location and timeframe of the photo. According to Richard:

The balloon was a small Piccard hot air balloon made in 1966 by Don Piccard, and registered N1513U. It was purchased in 1968 or so by Robert Dodds Meddock. He and his family brought it to the Kutztown, PA Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival for many years in the late 1960s and 1970s. This photo was taken by the sausage tent at the fair, visible behind the balloon. Likely 1969 or early 1970s.

Reading Municipal Memorial Stadium

Municipal Stadium hosted it’s first baseball game in 1951.

Municipal Stadium - 1950s

On March 28, 1945, Reading City Council voted unanimously to purchase 27 acres of ground known as Cathedral Heights at a cost of $64,491 for the purpose of building a municipal stadium. In 1947 the grading of the land began and by 1949 the initial stages of construction could be seen. With a final price tag of $656,674, the stadium was completed on April 15, 1951. Named in honor of the service men and women who gave their lives for our country, Reading Municipal Memorial Stadium was dedicated on July 15 that same year.

The stadium was originally known as Reading Municipal-Memorial Stadium before corporate sponsorship resulted in its current name.

Mike Schmidt made his professional debut at the ballpark on June 17, 1971 in an exhibition game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Reading Phillies. The Phillies had signed Schmidt on June 11. In the exhibition game, Schmidt played the whole game at shortstop for the Phillies and hit the game-winning home run against Reading.

On July 13, 1977, The Reading Municipal Stadium hosted a concert by the band Chicago. To date, this was the only major entertainment event held at the 9,000-seat facility.

Prior to Municipal Stadium, Reading’s professional baseball teams played at Lauer’s Park. – Source

Municipal Stadium - 1950s

In 1989, Municipal Stadium underwent the renovations for new seating, grandstand and a roof overhead. Since the early 90s, many food stands have been added, along with pavilions and a face-lift to the exterior front to modernize the park. By the time the mid-2000s rolled around, there was a pool, various weight rooms and other picnic areas added.

The two black & white photos above were taken by my Grandfather, sometime in the 50s or 60s.

Reading Municipal Memorial Stadium

It’s Berks Nostalgia’s 1st birthday… Share YOUR Nostalgia!

Wow, hard to believe I started this blog one year ago today. Thanks for subscribing, and improving the content of this site by adding your stories and memories! For our 1 year anniversary, I’m leaving the nostalgia up to YOU. Send in your favorite nostalgic photos or videos. They can be of anything; places, people, things. Whatever makes you say, “Remember when!?”…

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I’ll start…below is a pic of my Mother, her sister and cousins being a couple of crazy kids back in July of 1969!



Volkswagen Dealership – 1211 Lancaster Ave – 1960s

Pictures were taken by my Grandfather of the Grand Opening of the Volkswagen Dealership located at 1211 Lancaster Ave in the 1960s. It was diagonally across the street from the Red Barn Restaurant. Today, it is occupied by Glass & Son’s Collision Repair. Did you ever buy a car here?

West Wyomissing House Relocation

In the early 1970s (’70/’71) , houses were relocated  in West Wyomissing to make way to the future Route 222 to be built.  My mother was a kid living on Girard Avenue at the time, and remembers the houses from Reading Avenue and Cleveland being moved to both sides of the most eastern section of Reading Boulevard. She fondly remembers playing at “Dead Mans Cliff” and in the woods south of West Wyomissing, until one day she came home from school and it was all bulldozed by the State. Construction on the highway dragged on nearly three decades due to lack of funds. According to,

After numerous delays in the 1970s and 1980s, Governor Tom Ridge and the General Assembly secured new funding in 1997, which enabled construction of the link between the Lancaster County line and US 422 to continue through final design engineering and construction.

In 1998, construction began on the missing segment from the Berks County line to US 422/Business US 422 interchange west of Reading. The construction was divided into three sections:

Southern: Lancaster County line to Old Lancaster Pike
Central: Old Lancaster Pike to PA 724
Northern: PA 724 to US 422
The Northern Section was the first to see construction with demolition of structures beginning on October 28, 1998 and work on the actual expressway beginning on December 4, 1998. Final paving of the travel lanes began on August 16, 2000 and finished a month later.

West Wyomissing House Relocation 1974

Taken from my Family AlbumWest Wyomissing House Relocation 1974 West Wyomissing House Relocation 1974 West Wyomissing House Relocation 1974

Pictures Courtesy of Gerry Kline

Huge thanks to Lori Ruppert for sending these last two in

Below is an aerial of where the houses were taken from and where they were placed and have resided since. Reading Avenue and Cleveland Avenue used to extend beyond their current end points. Disclaimer This is an estimation  of distance and location based on what I have been told. Might not be 100% accurate.