Woomert’s Store | West Reading

Woomert's Store
Pictured in 1948

According to a 1931 Reading Times article Woomert’s Store was located at Third Avenue and Sunset Road in West Reading and owned by a William H. Woomert. The building is still standing but has been renovated since the above image. From street view you can tell that some of the brickwork has been altered to cover up this large windowed opening, but sections match the 1948 image. Otherwise, no info is known about this small corner store except that it was frequented by students at West Reading High in the 1940s, who referred to it in their 1948 yearbook as “Woomert’s Confectionary“. Do you know any details about Woomert’s? Drop a comment.

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  1. I remember this store in the late 50’s or early 60’s as “Fritzi’s” run buy Fritz Davis. Later we called it “Skinny’s” which was then run by Skinny Williams. I remember it still being open in the mid 60’s. Not sure when it closed.

  2. Yes, Gerry.. We kids who lived on Sunset Road in the 50’s would go into “Fritzy’s” to get candy or a soda at the fountain. Fritzy, really Fred Davis, would allow us to go behind the candy counter and select our penny candies, then come up to the soda fountain to show him what we picked…then pay a nickel or whatever.. Fritz always had a good pinball machine in the back. The hill going to to Sycamore Rd and Playground Drive was “Fritzy’s Hill”.

  3. Great pic…I grew up on Oak Terrace a few blocks away from this location ” the Triangle ” Skinny’s ,, where I spent too many nickels in the pinball machines and on baseball cards( even though i did sell a rookie Nolan Ryan card for $2k that my Mom didnt throw away… And Frank cut my hair next door and let us peak at the Playboy magazines…lol.
    ..great memories

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