Bowl-O-Rama opened its doors in 1957; a dream of its five shareholders who bought the land and built the alley on Perkiomen Avenue in Exeter Township. It was home to local bowling leagues, social events and gatherings over the years. There was a bar and grille in the establishment as well as 40 bowling lanes.

Bowl-O-Rama closed its doors for good on April 23, 2017, six full decades after opening.… Read Full Article

The Blizzard of 1996 – 25 Years

A quarter century ago this week we were hit with the biggest blizzard on record for the area. Snow started falling on January 6th 1996 and stopped on the 8th. Parts of Berks County recorded 34 inches of snow, but the raging winds caused major drifts which made the snow pile up to 100 feet high in certain areas. The weight of the snow proved to be a problem on roofs as there were many collapses in commercial and residential buildings alike.… Read Full Article

Reading Street Railway Company Strike

On this day in 1950; the Reading Street Railway Company went on a sudden Bus Strike after negotiations on contracts came up short. This stopped all bus and street-car service in the city of Reading, which as you can imagine caused problems for those who relied on the service.

Reading Street Railway Co. Bus Strike

Some of the conferees in a mediation session at the Tenth Street car barns of the Reading Street Railway Company, which opened shortly before noon, are shown in the top photo.Read Full Article

Looking to 2021

We have made it to the end of 2020, though not without great turmoil. People, businesses, places and experiences have all been casualties of the year whose days and weeks stretched seemingly into decades.

New Year is generally a time for reflection and introspection. 2021 looks promising, and for myself personally the beginning of a new decade of life. Come July I will be turning 30, and while I can hear most of you stifling your laughter, it is a big milestone to be staring in the face.… Read Full Article