Pagoda Lion Heads – On this Day | Oct 8th 1971

Pagoda’s Lion Heads Removed & Replaced

Reading Pagoda Lion Heads
Nicholas G. Bauer, shop foreman for Electric Maintenance and Repair Co., shows lion and dragon heads removed from the turned-up points on the roofs of the Pagoda. New lions will replace the old ones. – Eagle Photo
Reading Pagoda Lion Heads
Reading Pagoda Lion Heads
Reading Pagoda Lion Heads

In Oct 1971 the 20 original stone lion and dragon heads were removed from the roof of the Pagoda. They sat at the corner of each point of the roof partially to ward off evil but mainly to protect each corner where tile could not be fastened. There are still lions heads on each point today; likely the same ones from this renovation in 1971.

Grand Opening of Dairyland

Dairyland grand opening in the Reading Mall

Gimme the stamps, baby

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4 Replies to “Pagoda Lion Heads – On this Day | Oct 8th 1971”

  1. The changing of the pagoda lions heads. Indeed a momentous occasion. Thanks for allowing those who missed out on it then to relive the excitement now 49 years later.
    Will there be a re-enactment on the 50th anniversary?

  2. I have such fond memories of the pagoda! Whenever we had family from out of town, that is the first place we would head!

  3. Somewhere in my collection of “stuff”, I still have two of the cast lions’ heads. There were a considerable number of extras made that were given away as prizes and awards, mostly to the members of the Lady Lions and Women’s Club of Wyomissing, I believe. I worked at Charlie Quaid’s company, EMR, for several years.

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