Miracle Mart – 2101 Centre Ave

Miracle Mart

Miracle Mart was a 50,000 square foot department store on Route 61/Centre Ave in North Reading. There is very little information online about Miracle Mart or its origins, besides that there was a more well-documented and unrelated Canadian department store chain by the same name. Looking at aerial photos of the area leads me to believe this location in Reading, Pennsylvania was opened in 1959.… Read Full Article

On this day Nov 18th, 1959

Future site of Western Electric purchased in Muhlenberg Township

Nov 18th, 1959 Reading Eagle

TV Stereo Advertisement from Pomeroys

Dance to your favorite records plated on the 4-speed automatic record changer or simple add the space-saving stereo amplifier unit and enjoy life-like realism of stereophonic sound. Or just relax and enjoy this big-screen TV. Yours now for the first time at this low, low price.Read Full Article

Reading Rug Company – Lancaster Ave

Reading Rug Co
Images from “Berks Countians; The Wonderful Way We Live”

Reading Rug Co, pictured in 1961, was located on Lancaster Ave. As far as I can tell Reading Rug Co no longer exists, though it at the time boasted it was one of the most outstanding carpet specialist in the United States.

Reading Rug Co
Today, 801 Lancaster Ave, Reading PA

I’m not sure of it’s exact location, but it appears it could be the former AW Golden building at 801 Lancaster Ave, which has obviously been renovated since.… Read Full Article

On this Day: October 20th, 1973

Reading’s 7th Street isn’t really a street, it’s railroad tracks. And these railroad tracks will cut through the purposed Penn Mall. Edward Sulzberger, the proposed mall developer, has said he would prefer the tracks not be there but can live with them. Meanwhile, other redevelopment officials feel the tracks may become an asset in the future if mass rail transit becomes a booming business.

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