Reading Rug Company – Lancaster Ave

Reading Rug Co
Images from “Berks Countians; The Wonderful Way We Live”

Reading Rug Co, pictured in 1961, was located on Lancaster Ave. As far as I can tell Reading Rug Co no longer exists, though it at the time boasted it was one of the most outstanding carpet specialist in the United States.

Reading Rug Co
Today, 801 Lancaster Ave, Reading PA

I’m not sure of it’s exact location, but it appears it could be the former AW Golden building at 801 Lancaster Ave, which has obviously been renovated since. The building is currently for rent. Can anyone confirm? The last ads I can find in the Reading Eagle archives were run in October of 1996 for the Reading Rug Company. At the time it appears they were located at 711 Spring Street in Wyomissing. Not sure when they moved there or closed, do you remember?

According to a 1991 Reading Eagle Article,

“Reading Rug Works” was founded in 1899 by Frank S. Kelley, a Canadian immigrant. The business began as a small manufacturer of rag rugs in the 1900 block of Perkiomen Avenue. Today, Reading Rug Company remains a family owned business. It has expanded the products it sells to include wood flooring; Oriental and area rugs, and wall, window and bed coverings.

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  1. The Reading Rug Company was located where the new Wawa store is currently located. They were next door to AW Golden’s used car lot. One interesting fact is they had a carpeted mini golf installed at the front of the store. I remember playing there with my brother as a kid, probably late 50s early 60s.

  2. My Aunt, “Sis” RIchwine sold carpet for Reading Rug for many many years, including after the owner (Phil Brumbach) sold it to Kauman Carpet. At that time the store moved to the brand new Berkshire Mall. I also sold carpet for Reading Rug for a stint in the early seventies, and at the new Mall store.

  3. I came across an old pack of playing cards advertising the Reading Rug Company. The address is 411 Lancaster Ave, Reading Pa. and the phone number is 376-5461, No zip code or area code.

  4. Would anybody know what it was before the rug company? I’m doing some ancestry research and my aunt died in 1945 after getting hit by a car on her first day of school. The death certificate listed 801 Lancaster Ave as their home address.

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