The Crystal Restaurant – Penn Square

Opened in 1911, The Crystal Restaurant was once one of Reading’s most popular dining establishments. It was opened by Greek immigrant Constantine Mantis. On June 10, 1970 a fire broke out in the Crystal Restaurant due to an electrician who caused an electrical dead-short at the main breaker panel in the basement. It was revamped and run for another 10 years until it was sold by the Mantis family in 1980, and was completely destroyed by another fire a February 26th, 1981.

Inside the Crystal Restaurant
A parade makes it’s way past the Crystal in 1948

1970 fire
1981 fire


“Life was a ball at the Crystal” Reading Eagle Article

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  1. I remember, as a young child, loving to go to the Crystal for dinner with my parents because after dinner I would be able to pick a toy out of the restaurant’s ‘toy box’. Great memories!

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