Then & Now – The Stitzer Apartments


In the 1940s

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  1. Kurtz Drug Store was my husband’s grandfather’s (John R Kurtz, Pharmacist) business for many years.

  2. Wow,
    I used to live above in one of the apartments when Bob’s sandwich shop was down stairs,
    Bob as my landlord. 🙂

    I lived there for about 2-3 years before I moved out to Galen hall in Wernersville Pa.
    I loved my apartment and my landlord was a cool guy. The building gotten a facelift due to a kitchen fire next to my apartment. When bob closed up he notified us that he was selling the building my rent was going to go up by the new owners. I was paying $500.00 a month for a two bed room apartment. It was a nice apartment.

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