On this Day: October 20th, 1973

10/20/73 Reading Eagle
Above the fold in the Oct 20th, 1973 Reading Eagle
10/20/73 Reading Eagle
7th Street, cross streets bottom to top: Penn, Cherry, Franklin and Chestnut Streets

Reading’s 7th Street isn’t really a street, it’s railroad tracks. And these railroad tracks will cut through the purposed Penn Mall. Edward Sulzberger, the proposed mall developer, has said he would prefer the tracks not be there but can live with them. Meanwhile, other redevelopment officials feel the tracks may become an asset in the future if mass rail transit becomes a booming business.

10/20/73 Reading Eagle
Abe Lincoln Hotel Entertainment
10/20/73 Reading Eagle
Boy Scouts “Wonderful World of Scouting” show at Met-Ed

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