Ted’s Soft Ice Cream – Blandon

Ted's Ice Cream Blandon
pictured in 1965

Ted’s Soft Ice Cream was in operation between 1960-1976 in Blandon. It was owned by Theodore and Grace Hughes. After closing up the ice cream shop in 1976 they went on to operate a business called Ted’s Soft Pretzel’s. Unfortunately Theodore passed in 1982 and Grace ran the business until retiring in 1986. Do you remember Ted’s Ice Cream or Soft Pretzel’s?

Source: Grace E. Hughes Obit

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  1. Remember it well. Red Bull milkshakes were the BEST!! Who recalls what this shake was??? Hint: This is not the Red Bull of today. The pretzel shop introduced “Churro’s”.

  2. Family legend has it that my mom, Ted and Grace’s middle child, met my dad when she was working at the stand. My dad rolled up. His brakes failed and his car roll into the building. The rest is as they say history!

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