Sinking Spring Area Historical Society and Heritage Park

If you arrived in Sinking Spring 60+ years ago by rail you would have rolled up to Sinking Spring Passenger Station.  It was a stop along the Reading Railroad’s Lebanon Valley Line, which began passenger service in 1857 and was discontinued in 1965. If some of these dates sound familiar, it is because it shares this history with the Wernersville Train Station which was the subject of a previous article, and is the next stop after Sinky heading west.… Read Full Article

The Berks County Trust Company

The Berks County Trust Company was organized in October of 1900. The founding members accumulated a capitol stock of $125k. The company initially rented J.K. Grant’s new building at southeast corner of Sixth and Washington Streets to operate out of. The Berks County Trust Company was chartered on November 16th, 1900 and commenced operations in January of 1901. The company’s first President was Christian H.… Read Full Article

“Lizzie Lincoln” House – The Real Story

If you ask anyone about the “Lizzie Lincoln House”, including the internet, you will get varying results; mostly the regurgitation of conjecture based on legends. I more than anyone love a good ghost story, but what is more important to me than all else is that there be truth behind it. I put in the work and found the complete story…at least, as complete as it can possibly be with the passing of 200 years since it began.Read Full Article

The Grand Hotel Fire – On this Day 1953

The Grand Hotel, on the northwest corner of Seventh and Franklin Streets, and the Weidner and Bucks magazine store on the right show no outward signs of a fire in which one man died, two others were sent to a hospital and $22,500 damage resulted early today. The fire was confined to the interior of the hotel in about the center of the structure, and to the roof and third floor of the magazine store.Read Full Article

Metropolitan Edison Co. Signed Removed – On this day in 1953

Metropolitan Edison Co.

This dismantling operation which eliminated a skymark in Reading attracted the attention of hundreds of pedestrians this morning. Workmen took down the 50 letters which spelled out Metropolitan Edison Co. in northerly and southerly directions for many years. This is the second time the letters were taken down. But this time it’s permanent. The letters were removed during World War II.Read Full Article

Berks Nostalgia