George Field

George Field is located at 1801 North 5t Street. I cannot find an exact date for when this stadium was built, but the front gates say, “Class of 1914”. One can assume it was around then. For football games It was replaced by the newer stadium right behind the school for  in 1938. Though it is still used for baseball games, from little league to Reading High Games. Anyone have more information on the history of George Field?

George Field 1940s
In the 1940s



A 1938 article about it being replaced by a newer field behind the the High School:

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Laurence Jones
Laurence Jones
1 year ago

George Field was named after my grandfather George Jones sr esq. who contributed much of his time to the Boy Scouts and many other organizations. More info. On his life are available at Berkshire County Historical Society

Thomas L Stavitzski
Thomas L Stavitzski
1 year ago

Is this the same place where Albright played their football games in the 90’s