King Hamburgers / Dairy King

King Hamburgers
King Hamburgers pictured in 1969

This establishment was originally Called King’s Hamburgers. When Burger King came to Pennsylvania the owner tried to block their usage of the name “Burger King”, which backfired. Unbeknownst Burger King Corporation had already filed for the Pennsylvania rights for that name just a few months before the owner. After this the restaurant was known as just “King’s”. The addition of “Dairy” came from a previous name the owner called it before they served food; only ice cream. It was located along route 422 / Perkiomen Avenue in Exeter. It closed in April 1979.

Dairy King

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  1. My Dad would take us here all of the time.
    It was located right around where the Santander Bank is now at East Neversink Rd.
    I was young, but I remember that he loved their California Cheesburgers.

  2. Mom and dad took me there all the time when I was a kid. Huge willow tree out back with picnic tables. It was located right where you drive up the hill to the old Blockbuster /V&S/ Moto Photo etc…..

    1. Owned by the Bucci family. I remember Dad sending me there to buy $20.00 worth of hamburgers there to feed the people who were helping to clean out St. John’s Lutheran Church, Gibraltar after Agnes came through Berks County.

  3. I could speak for a long time about Kings I worked there from March 1976 until it closed in April 1979

  4. I remember the back with picnic tables and running barefoot around with ice cream. Was sad to see it closed.

  5. My first job at 15 years old. I remember mixing the Birch Beer in the big vat in back. Also used to give huge soft ice cream cones to my friends. We also used to sell pure coke syrup for cough medicine and throat issues….so many great memories! Thanks for sharing this Brian….😀

  6. MY mom and dad ripened it in 1960 after my dad saw one of the first McDonald’s in New Jersey,, I grew up in that place from age 5,, made thick shakes age 7,, moved to French Fryer at age 9 and flipping burgers at grille at 11 years old,, have pictures,, thanks for this picture,, best one I’ve seen,,

  7. Thanks for sharing that,, intersection of RT 422 and Neversink Road, almost directly across 422 from Bowl O Rama,, my mother owned and operated it,, my 2nd home, spent more time there than at home,, original name was King Hamburgers,, when Burger King came to Pennsylvania my father tried to block their usage of that name,, backfired,, ha,, Burger King Corporation filed for the Pennsylvania rights for that name just a few months before my father,, so it was always known after that as simply KINGS,, the Dairy part came from a previous name my mother called it before they added burgers, fries, etc., only served ice cream,, now you know the REST OF THE STORY,, thx again for sharing it,, Nick

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