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  1. Regarding the life of “Harvey’s Hamburgers” on Lancaster Ave., I worked there for 1 night. At the time, it had just opened, I was a senior at Wilson High, and it was 1961. My recollection is that Carrols eventually purchased Harvey’s.

    1. I also recall that Carrols eventually purchased Harvey”s. Harvey’s was close to Sears on the other side of Lancaster Avenue. I remember going there one time with my parents, probably in the mid-sixties. I think Carrols eventually became a part of Burger King.

    1. I believe that “Kings Hamburger” was originally a Harvey’s. This was a long time ago – possibly 1950s. This restaurant was still in business when the first McDonalds on this side of town opened, (on Perkiomen Ave.). Can’t remember is it was under the Dairy King or Harvey’s name at that time. That area was actually the “fun” part of town. Mt. Penn Drive in, Bowl-O-Rama, Venske’s golf and various things run by a couple of Italian brothers provided a lot of recreation in the old days.

  2. You could buy a hamburger, 15 cents, shake 20 cents, and fries 14 cents. My mother would give me $.50 and off on my bicycle I would go

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