Dempsey’s American Kitchen

There was not a lot of information to be found on Dempsey’s American Kitchen online. Only this article from 2005 about the restaurant location in Bethlehem being closed. They headquartered in Reading, but there were 14 locations eventually opened (and subsequently closed) around the region in the 60 years prior to this location closing in 2007. It was the last of the Dempsey’s to be closed.

Dempsey's American Kitchen

Dempsey’s American Kitchen served typical Pennsylvania Dutch food – rich in meats and potatoes, and typical diner food as well. It served breakfast, lunch and dinner. The other Dempsey’s location in Berks was in Muhlenberg on 5th Street.

Dempsey’s American Kitchen was torn down in 2019 and a Sheetz convenience store was erected in it’s place. The bank next to the old Dempsey’s was also razed.

What became of the fat dutch boy statue that stood outside right in front of the Dempsey’s sign? If you have any answers please email us at [email protected]

Dempsey's American Kitchen

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5 years ago

Just this morning, they started tearing the building down.


[…] on 724 in Shillington, where Ollies and the Trading Post now are, directly across from the old Dempsey’s American Restaurant that was recently torn down to make way for a Sheetz. Ron’s recollection of his short time […]

1 year ago

I spent hundreds of hours at this place over a few years. Drinking endless cups of coffee smoking pack after pack of cigarette– met some great friends who have disappeared into the ether over the years…

Stephanie Montgomery
Stephanie Montgomery
10 months ago

Visited this restaurant in the 1990’s in the company of the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters of Mt. Alvernia College. Those were wonderful times! So sorry to learn the restaurant is closed. I wanted to take my daughter there this summer.

Ashley Allison
Ashley Allison
4 months ago

Was it called Dempseys in the 90s?

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