Two Guys Department Store – Shillington

Two Guys Shillington
Pictured: Dr. Marcelo Manubay

These photos below were sent in by Ron Shurr, a faithful correspondent of Berks Nostalgia. Take a look inside the Two Guys Department Store that was located on 724 in Shillington, where Ollies and the Trading Post now are, directly across from the old Dempsey’s American Restaurant that was recently torn down to make way for a Sheetz. Ron’s recollection of his short time working in the Camera department  is as follows:

“Here are some pictures of Two Guys inside the store once located in Shillington, PA.  I don’t remember the exact dates they were taken, but it was in the very early nineteen sixties.  The pix are primarily of the Appliance, TV and Camera departments with most of the individuals being employed there.  At that time, the Two Guys store was a few blocks from the Shillington Restaurant and Market, next to the Crest House and across the street from a Tiny Tim fast food establishment, near the intersection of Hwy. 724.  They would be open seven days a week, which was a problem at that time considering the Blue Laws.  Working there, I remember  law  enforcement, coming by the store on Sunday afternoons to forcefully close the store.  Wow, how times have changed!

One thing that I remembered having worked for Pomeroy’s department store, before working at Two Guys, was the Appliance and TV manager.  Jack Bush was the manager, who left a buyer management position at Pomeroy’s, in downtown Reading.  Other department managers came from different Two Guys locations, a few from as close as Allentown while others were from the New Jersey area.

I remember helping to set up the Lighting Fixture department with a New Jersey Corporate Owner-partner, Manny Brecker.  Together we wired and hung fixtures.  The department was located between the Camera and Appliance departments.  I don’t remember when they officially closed, but I was only there a short time before accepting a Camera store management position in Carlisle, PA.”

Two Guys Shillington
A then-new stereo set
Two Guys Shillington
Two Guys Shillington
Unknown Sales Associate
Two Guys Shillington
Two Guys Shillington

Two Guys was a discount store founded in 1946 by New Jersey brothers Sidney and Herbert Hubschman. This location in Shillington opened sometime in the 1950s. The entire company went defunct by 1982, so I am guessing this store location shuttered sometime shortly before then.

Post Two Guys, the building was subdivided into several different stores, with Pathmark taking the left (entrance on the side) and Rickel’s taking the right. After Rickel’s closed the store was divided further into Ollie’s and A.C. Moore. Pathmark was sold to Giant in 1997 and relocated in 2005; A.C. Moore relocated in 2004.  –Source

The Ollies is still there, along with a Trading Post store, however, the side-entry Grocery store section has been vacant since Giant left in 2005.

Two Guys Shillington

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    1. The Arby’s was purpose built in late 70’s early 80’s, I worked in the Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips’ when they built it. Treacher;s became Neidermyer’s chicken and finally a KFC.

  1. I have moved to Florida and thank you for bringing back many memories, I really enjoy the photographs and text you provide. Your efforts make me smile. Thanks again.

  2. I worked at Two Guys from 1972 through 1980, starting in high school and college summers part time and then as a clothing/ domestics area manager after college. In 1972 I was hired as a “scab” to work while the associates were out on strike. That was pleasant crossing the line and being yelled out when all you wanted to do was make $1.90 an hour for the summer!

  3. I still have a necklace my husband bought me at Two Guys the first year we were married. It was costume, of course. We lived in an apartment in Shillington ((1963/64) so we were constantly running to Two Guys for incidentals.

  4. My dad worked part time in the pet department in the 60’s. Guess he needed a few bucks to support 4 kids. Of course we never gave it a thought. But that’s what good parents did.

  5. Shopped there with my parents all the time. At the beginning there was even a grocery store inside, but my mom never bought groceries there, she always shopped for groceries at Food Fair

  6. Living in Shillington. We did much of our shopping at Two Guys. Jack Dunn and I were 1953 Reading High grad . Thanks for the memories
    Ed Deren

  7. In reference to Kelly, she may be interested in a photo I have of a management awards presentation. I remember the name Joe McGlynn, but I don’t recall his image. I’d like to share the photo with Kelly. And in reference to Ed Deren, Jack Dunn and I used to meet at the Crest House, next door to Two Guys for a nightcap after closing the store, many a night.

  8. One word describes the Two Guys in Shillington: “Bonanza!” The price was always right, especially at Christmas!

  9. I worked at Two Guys for 14 years(1968-1982) in MD and New Jersey. Started at $1.60 a hour in the Mens’ Dept. My first clothing supervisor was from the Reading area. Ken Benniger. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  10. I worked there in the summer of 1980. Most employees already saw the end coming, but were dedicated enough to stay until the very end.
    I worked in the Housewares/Carpet/Furniture area. Had to build furniture, carry out heavy carpet in good pants, dress shirt, tie and heavy smock.
    I was soooo hot. I too remember shopping there during the blue-laws. It was my favorite place to go as a child. The super-store before there were superstores.

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