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  • Reading North West Jr. High

    Reading’s North West Jr. High 10th Graders | 1942

    This photo was sent in by reader Katie; found in a home she recently purchased. The photo states the students are the 10th grade class at North West Jr. High school in 1942. Do you recognize anyone in this class photo? At this point any remaining members of this class would be roughly 97-98 years…

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  • Reading Hospital Photo Mystery

    I got an email asking for help to solve the mystery of where the below photo was taken. The photo is of the back of the Reading Hospital around the time it was built in the mid-late 20s. I checked out a few aerial photos I have of the area from 1927 and 1940. Due…

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  • DeLuca’s Camera Center

    Deluca’s Camera Center was originally located at 617 Penn Street in Reading. It was founded in 1947 by Louis and Antoinette DeLuca. The article above from June 1990 mentions that the store moved to 518 Penn Street from 520 Penn Street. However it mentions nothing about it’s original location on the 600 block. In the…

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  • Two Guys Department Store

    Two Guys Department Store

    Two Guys was a discount store founded in 1946 by New Jersey brothers Sidney and Herbert Hubschman. This location in Shillington was constructed during the summer of 1962. The entire company went defunct by 1982, so I am guessing this store location shuttered sometime shortly before then. These photos below were sent in by Ron…

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  • Inside Pomeroy’s in the 60s

    These photos were sent in by Ron Shurr, he worked in the Camera department at Pomeroy’s in the early 60s and had a passion for photography. Thanks for sharing these, Ron. A few memories from Ron: I worked in the camera department, my first job out of high school. Photography was a hobby and was…

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