Farr’s Shoe Store / Boot Shop

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Farr’s was founded in Allentown in 1862 by Jacob L. Farr Sr. in a small shop at 8th & Hamilton. He custom made men’s, women’s and children’s shoes by hand. Reading’s first branch opened in 1913 under management of three of Farr’s sons. They reincorporated as Farr Bros Co. in 1920.

Farr's Shoe Boot
The shop on the southwest corner of 5th & Penn

The location that most would remember today was on the southwest corner of 5th & Penn Streets in Reading. This location opened in October 1948. The Reading Eagle article described the new store as “modern in every detail“. The structure’s facade contained two tones of terra cotta with granite-finished base and aluminum metal trimming. It was two stories of retail space, with a children’s shop on the first floor.

Perhaps most remembered is the large boot that sat on top of the entrance to the store. The boot was made of metal alloy.

The building was razed in 2004 to make way for the Santander office building which was constructed in its place.

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