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  • The Ghosts of Angelica Dam & Lake

    The origins of Angelica Lake can be traced to the incorporation of the Angelica Water Company, which was founded in 1875. At that time Reading was beginning to feel the strain of unprecedented growth as it became an industrial powerhouse. Unsurprisingly many businesses were formed to accommodate the need for development. The Reading Land and…

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  • Skinner Farm – Lamb’s Pasture

    This is another installment in the “Before Blue Marsh” series, where I explore the remains of various properties that were razed in the 1970s to make way for the Blue Marsh Lake Project. See more here. At the beginning of “Skinner’s Loop” trail which leads to Fox Lake, you will find the remains of the Skinner…

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  • A Century of Progress with the Junior League of Reading

    In 1901 the Junior League was founded in New York City as the Junior League for the Promotion of Settlement Movement. It was founded within a time of great social unrest and an emerging feminist movement. On August 6th, 1923 ten wives and daughters of Reading’s elite industrialists met in the living room of Mrs.…

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  • Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Fathers Day, Dads! Special shout out to my own, who wrote the article below about raising two girls back in a March 2000 edition of the Reading Eagle. I was the eight year old mentioned. You may recognize his name; my Dad worked at the Reading Eagle for the majority of my lifetime, starting…

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  • The Ranch House

    A staple on Penn Avenue in West Lawn for nearly a half century, the owners of the Circle S Ranch House announced on March 30th that they would be closing permanently on April 8th, 2022. The building was built in 1969 as a Schell’s. It replaced the location that was further east down Penn Avenue…

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  • Wilson High School

    The original Wilson High School building was erected in 1929 on Grandview Boulevard above West Lawn. The first school year started in Fall 1929 and housed 7th-12th grades. The name of the school was chosen in the hope that the life of the man in whose honor it was named, Woodrow Wilson, might serve as…

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  • Sinking Spring High

    Sinking Spring High School

    The Sinking Spring School was established on the plot of land next to the railroad tracks, between Vester Place, Columbia Avenue and Woodrow Avenue in 1894. Four additional rooms were added in 1902 and high school classes began being offered in 1904. Unfortunately, the original structure was gutted by a fire in the early Monday…

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  • Far East Chinese Restaurant

    In 1920, the very first Chinese cuisine restaurant opened in Berks County at 739 Penn Street in Reading by Chee Yuen Hong and his father Sik Que Hong. Back then it was called the Far East Tea Garden and was ran by various members of the Hong family through the following decades and moves. In…

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  • Owls Grove

    The Apple Dumpling Festival

    The Apple Dumpling Festival dates back to the summer of 1953. It actually came to be as a merging of two events; Spring Township’s 5-day community summer fair and the West Lawn Owls Baseball Club 2-day fundraising event. The Owls raised money for their club by selling Apple Dumplings and playing modest games like bingo.…

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