Metropolitan Edison Company – Eyler station

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Eyler station was coal fired then converted to oil. But the oil crisis in the 70’s made it too expensive to run so it was subsequently torn down in the late 70’s.

Downtown Met Ed headquarters in the 1950s

Metropolitan Edison Building is a historic office building located at Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1926-1927, and is a 12-story, “L”-shaped, steel frame building faced with Indiana limestone, brick, and terra cotta reflective of the Chicago style. It stands 150 feet tall. A five-story addition was completed in 1956. The building measures 119 feet, 8 inches, by 169 feet, 6 inches. It was the original home of the Metropolitan Edison Company, Gilbert-Commonwealth, and the CNA Insurance Company. – Wikipedia



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Bill Sofield
Bill Sofield
3 years ago

we visited the Eyler station on a field trip from elementary school. somewhere around 1973 -1975. It was still running then, and making power the day we were there. Not too many years later, my next door neighbor was hired as a blasting contractor to demolish the last remaining smokestack. Thanks for the memories.

Barbara Allen
Barbara Allen
3 years ago

I was a resident of the Reading area, specifically West Lawn and a graduate of Wilson High School. After graduating from College, I worked as a Chemist for Metropolitan Edison. I visited ALL the generating stations affiliated with General Public Utilites. Met Ed (Titus, Eyler, Portland, and TMI Units 1 & 2). Also generating stations under the auspices of Pennsylvania Electric (Johnstown) and Jersey Central Power & Light. I’ve been in and worked in all of the plants that are now shut down.

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