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Linette Candy Tin

Happy Labor Day! A viewer found my blog and wrote me asking if I wanted this Linette Candy tin and was nice enough to mail it to me. I am unsure of its purpose or exact time of origin. A google search yields that there are plenty of these out circulating, but with quite a few different designs. This one has the numbers 6404/2 on the back, which I assume is an identification number of some sort.

On the bottom is the vintage Linette Candy Co. logo followed by James P. Linette Inc. Reading PA U.S.A. Below that it says the container was made in Western Germany and is Klann Quality. Linette Candy Co was founded in 1927, but the Western Germany notation indicates this is a post-WWII item.

It took a little digging to find the source – Klann Packaging – located in a town called Lanshut, in Bayern, Germany. They actually still make festive tins.

It is my assumption that this tin was used to hold candy. Perhaps as a display in a store? If you can confirm or know its purpose feel free to drop a comment.

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Nanette B Merrill
Nanette B Merrill
1 year ago

Those tins were for special occasions and contained candy made the old fashioned way. My mom worked there (standing all day in a nurses dress with white shoes) from around 1964 or 65 until ?. I don’t remember when she quit but her job was to cup candy in the little brown papers and down the line someone else was collecting the different flavors from the “cuppers” and making a box of chocolates. They had different boxes but this was like the upper end box if I remember correctly.The building was off Buttonwood and 3rd or in that quadrant. We lived in the 1200 block of Church. She came home everyday for lunch with me and to make sure I was ok and then drove right back. We only had minutes together but she did that until I was in 7th grade. Soon after my mother took classes from the County Extention through Penn State and got a really great job overseeing a program teaching women how to use their free food from the government. She had 8 or so women she was over and they went into homes that had food stamps and free government basics. Those were wonderful days. She kept the new job until we moved in 1974.

Nanette B Merrill
Nanette B Merrill
11 months ago
Reply to  Alexa Freyman

Darn I made a double reply. Sorry.

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