Berks Nostalgia Presents The Defunct Schools of Berks Collection

Defunct Schools of Berks

Starting tomorrow, and over the course of the next 9 weeks Berks Nostalgia is going to be publishing articles on each of Berks County’s High Schools that were defunct due to the consolidation of school systems into the larger districts we have come to know today.

Most of these schools and the memories that were made in them have fallen into somewhat of obscurity, with their last graduating students (in most cases) being 70+ years old today.… Read Full Article

Living through History

When I was a kid, learning about history in class, I always wondered if the common people living through the events we were studying had any idea of the significance of what they were living through. How did they feel about it? Were they afraid? To them, it was an uncertain time, but many trudged about their everyday lives anyway. What was the alternative?… Read Full Article