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  • Mohnton High School

    Defunct High Schools Series – The Comprehensive Conclusion

    I hope you have enjoyed the last several weeks as we have gone on a journey of the high school education system here in Berks County. This idea came to me when I considered that the senior class of 2020 has a less than ideal end to their high school career. Nothing exactly like this…

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  • Muhlenberg Township High

    In 1830, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted a law requiring all municipalities to have separate school districts. Muhlenberg Township became a municipality in 1851. At this time the Muhlenberg School District was officially established with a one-room school called Schlottman School which was located on Kutztown Road. Muhlenberg Township High School was built in 1924-1925…

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  • Perry Township High

    Perry Township High School

    As early as 1821, citizens accepted the “public school” for their children in Shoemakersville. In 1854 Perry Township had nine school buildings with a total enrollment of 417 pupils. In 1865 the school board was established. Today several of the original school houses still remain. The first class to graduate from an established Perry Township…

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  • Hamburg High

    Old Hamburg High School

    Hamburg became a borough in 1837 and in 1838 accepted the Free School Act, which declared each municipality an independent entity with the power to levy school taxes. There were several schools in the borough during that period. The first graduating class of 12 students graduated in 1887, and a three-story brick school was constructed…

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  • Caernarvon Township High

    Caernarvon Township High

    Caernarvon Township High was located in Morgantown right on Main Street. In 1928, land was bought consisting of two acres and one hundred and fifty three perches on the main street of Morgantown. In order to have money to build, bonds were sold. These bonds were auctioned off and the Elverson National Bank bought them.…

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  • Ontelaunee High School

    Ontelaunee High School

    Ontelaunee High was located in Leesport PA, right along Centre Ave or Route 61. The original High School building was built in 1914. An addition was added in 1939. Ontelaunee High’s mascot was the Indian and the colors were red and yellow. Dear Ontelaunee, We are all thy people.Thy name to us means pride and…

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  • Amity High School

    Amity High School

    Amity High School was located in Amityville, right off of old Swede Road. I can find no information on when it was built. Sports at Amity High included a Boy’s Basketball team, a Girl’s Basketball team, Baseball team, as well as Girl’s and Boy’s track teams. Other activities included Glee Club and Girl Reserve Club.…

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  • Birdsboro High School

    Birdsboro High School

    The first sources of education in Birdsboro was founded in 1820 when a “Pay School” was established. However, not until 1872 was the first public high school organized. Its curriculum was similar to Grade 8 in the year 1945. The original high school building was called the Washington Building and was located on W. 2nd…

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  • Exeter High

    Exeter High School

    Education in Exeter Township began with the erection of a Friends’ Meeting House in 1726. A few years later influential Friends, including the ancestors of President Lincoln and Daniel Boone established a more formal school which all children might attend on payment of a fee. This strictly English school was maintained until 1860. About this…

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  • Robesonia High

    Robesonia High School

    The high School was built in 1916 and located at 129 W. Penn Avenue in Robesonia. Its history is one of the more elusive as there is almost no information about it online. If you have anything to contribute to the article, feel free to leave a comment below. In 1955, the boroughs of Wernersville,…

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