Caernarvon Township High

Caernarvon Township High

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Caernarvon Township High
Caernarvon Township High School in 1955

Caernarvon Township High was located in Morgantown right on Main Street. In 1928, land was bought consisting of two acres and one hundred and fifty three perches on the main street of Morgantown. In order to have money to build, bonds were sold. These bonds were auctioned off and the Elverson National Bank bought them.

Caernarvon Township High

The bank then resold them to private owners. These were to be paid off in groups at five year intervals. In 1933, the first was paid off, and in 1948 the last bond was paid. The new building had just four classrooms and a library. The only recreation it provided was the tennis court built just north of it and a playground directly next to it.

Caernarvon Township High
Caernarvon Township High School classroom

It wasn’t until 1950 that more course options and extracurriculars were introduced to Carnarvon High. Caernarvon Township High’s sports teams called themselves the Generals and their school colors were blue and gold. Sports included Soccer, Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball, Baseball, Cheerleading and Softball. Other activities included Camera Club, Drama Club, Typing Class, Coin & Stamp Club, Chorus, Band and Color Guard. Since the high school building itself did not have a gym, the students used the Morgantown Fire Company’s fire hall to host games and other extracurricular activities.

Caernarvon Township High
Caernarvon Township High School Basketball Team 1951

Near the foot of the old Welsh mountains,
Where a stream goes winding through,
Stands a school our own Caernarvon,
With its colors gold and blue.
Its walls are strong and stately,
With bricks of reddish hue,
And all who do there enter,
Cherish memories font and true.

May we always sing of victory,
As her flags go marching by,
So that those who next year enter,
Can be proud of Caernarvon High.
We pray that we may ever,
To this our school be true,
Her memory always with us,
In all life’s journey through.

School Song
Caernarvon Township High

Twin Valley Joint School District

In 1954 Caernarvon Township, Honey Brook Borough, Robeson Township, Honey Brook Township, Elverson Borough and West Nantmeal Township gathered to create a Twin Valley Joint School System. In June of 1955 the last senior class of Carnarvon Township High graduated. They numbered just 19 students. Caernarvon consolidated with Robeson Township High School and Honey Brook High School students.

The Robeson and Honey Brook buildings were utilized as Junior High School buildings for the new district. Additions were added to the Caernarvon Township High School building and it continued to be utilized as the high school for four years until the new Twin Valley High School building was constructed.

On interesting aspect that made the jointure a little more difficult than most was that Honey Brook Township & Borough, West Nantmeal and Elverson Borough all reside in Chester County, and Caernarvon and Robeson are located in Berks County. This problem was resolved by agreement between the Chester County and Berks County Superintendent.

Twin Valley School District
Source TVSD

Planning for the new Twin Valley Junior/Senior High School building began in 1955. It opened its doors in the fall of 1959. Twin Valley graduated its first class in the new building in 1960. The Caernarvon Township High School building continued to be utilized as an Elementary School for the district. In the 2000s it closed and was renovated into apartments.

Source: Twin Valley School District

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Dennis Coleman
Dennis Coleman
3 years ago

this was my elementary school in the 70s. I went there until 5th grade. For 6th grade, we all went to the newer Twin Valley Elem. (up behind the high school). So I would say it shut down as a school around 77 or 78. I think the apartments came in the late 80s or early 90s

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