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  • Reading Girl’s High School

    The first school building at 4th and Court streets was originally built in 1839, and occupied by an all-boys private school called the Reading Academy until 1853, when the boys public school program began. In September of 1857, thirty-eight girls began attending classes in an upper room of the Boy’s Academy building. The boys and…

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  • Mount Penn High

    Mt. Penn High School

    The original Mt. Penn School building was the precursor to Mt. Penn High School and was built in 1885 at 24th and Grant Streets. By 1923 there were 8 elementary grades and 4 high school grades in the building with 240 elementary children and 70 high school students. It had been outgrown and a new building…

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  • Defunct Schools of Berks

    Berks Nostalgia Presents The Defunct Schools of Berks Collection

    Starting tomorrow, and over the course of the next 9 weeks Berks Nostalgia is going to be publishing articles on each of Berks County’s High Schools that were defunct due to the consolidation of school systems into the larger districts we have come to know today. Most of these schools and the memories that were…

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  • Shillington High School

    Shillington High School

    In 1925, the new Shillington High School was constructed on East Lancaster Avenue on land that was part of the Berks County Almshouse complex. An addition of twelve rooms was completed in 1930 and four more rooms were completed in 1936. Their sports teams were known as the Shillington Speeders. Boys teams adopted the name…

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  • West Reading High School

    West Reading High School

    The West Reading High School building was built in 1914 at the corner of 4th and Franklin Streets. It was the beginning of the secondary education for youth in the Borough of West Reading. It housed 7th-12th grades. In 1923 an addition to the original building was added to accommodate an expanding population. An auditorium,…

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  • Old Wyomissing High

    Wyomissing High School

    In 1908, the Wyomissing school district was founded, with classes being taught in a private residence. In 1909, the district’s first building was completed on Belmont Avenue. Students attended 1st through 11th grade at the building on the corner of Trent and Belmont Avenues. After 11th grade students had the choice of continuing their studies…

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