Wernersville High School

Wernersville High
Wernersville High School
Original Wernersville School building in 1912 – Source

Until 1858, the school at Hain’s Church was the only school available to residents of the
Wernersville area. The first grade school in the town was built in 1858. In the 1860s,
another school was erected in the west portion of the town. In 1893 a two story building, serving as both an elementary and a high school, was erected at the site of the school along Penn Avenue.… Read Full Article

Wilson High School

Wilson High pictured in 1930 shortly after completion

The original Wilson High School building was erected in 1929 on Grandview Boulevard above West Lawn. The first school year started in Fall 1929 and housed 7th-12th grades. The name of the school was chosen in the hope that the life of the man in whose honor it was named, Woodrow Wilson, might serve as an ideal for the young people attending it.… Read Full Article

Sinking Spring High School

Sinking Spring High

The Sinking Spring School was established on the plot of land next to the railroad tracks, between Vester Place, Columbia Avenue and Woodrow Avenue in 1894. Four additional rooms were added in 1902 and high school classes began being offered in 1904. Unfortunately, the original structure was gutted by a fire in the early Monday morning hours of December 26th, 1921.… Read Full Article

Mohnton High School

Mohnton High School
Knights of Pythias Hall (Blankenbiller)

In June of 1907, the School directors met and secured the second story of the Knights of Pythias Hall for a high school room. John S. McCurdy was elected principal. The first class to graduate from the institution numbered just four. Mohnton was incorporated as a Borough the following year in 1908. This was the beginning of Mohnton High School.… Read Full Article

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