Old Wyomissing High School

Pictured shortly after it’s completion in 1924, located on Wyomissing Blvd in between Garfield and Cleveland Avenues. This building was erected to complete high school education studies in the Wyo Borough. Before this, students attended 1st through 11th grade at the building on the corner of Trent and Belmont Avenues, which is currently still standing and home to the Institute of the Arts. After 11th grade students had the choice of continuing their studies at a Boy’s or Girl’s High School in Reading. Now they had a place they could graduate near home.

In 1940, part of the current High School building was built, and the former High School was converted into an elementary school. By 1984 the old Wyomissing High School building was abandoned and razed.

Source: The Passing Scene

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