Old Man Echo – Wyomissing’s Gate to the Underworld

If you grew up in the Wyomissing Borough in the early and mid 20th century you might recall Old Man Echo. It was an entrance to the sewer water drainage system which could be followed for miles underneath the streets of Wyomissing. Presumably getting its name from the effect ones voice had when speaking or yelling into the opening.

There is also allegedly some Pennsylvania German lore surrounding the drain opening.… Read Full Article

Paper Mill Road Covered Bridge

Paper Mill Covered Bridge

The following images were taken in 1957 and I believe them to be depicting around the then-countryside of Wyomissing Borough. The first image has been identified, but the remaining two are up in the air.

EDIT: The second image is now believed to be a covered bridge that sat in the area of the old Paper Mill on what is now Paper Mill Road and crossing the Tulpehocken Creek.… Read Full Article

The Sheraton Motor Inn

The Sheraton Motor Inn was built in 1973, located at Woodland Ave and then Van Reed Road (now Paper Mill Road).

The Sheraton Motor Inn
Pictured in 1975
The Sheraton Motor Inn
Restaurant inside

In the year 2000, the Sheraton Motor Inn received higher status and was able to refer to itself as a hotel instead of “Inn”. It also underwent a $3.5 million dollar renovation which included new bathrooms in the guest rooms and all new furniture.… Read Full Article