Robesonia High School

Robesonia High School
Robesonia High pictured in 1955

The high School was built in 1916 and located at 129 W. Penn Avenue in Robesonia. Its history is one of the more elusive as there is almost no information about it online. If you have anything to contribute to the article, feel free to leave a comment below.

Robesonia High School
Robesonia High Library 1956

In 1955, the boroughs of Wernersville, Womelsdorf, Robesonia, and townships of Marion, Heidelberg, North Heidelberg, and South Heidelberg came together to create the Conrad Weiser Joint School District. Robesonia High graduated its last class in June of 1955. The old high school building became Conrad Weiser Junior High until the current Conrad Weiser Junior/High School building opened its doors in November of 1959.

Robesonia High School
pictured in 1960

The building served the Conrad Weiser District as Robesonia Elementary after the jointure. Eventually it was closed, sold and renovated into an apartment building.

Eins, Zwei, Drei,
Robesonia High!
Ring Bologna, Bag Bologna,

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  1. I believe the date this building closed is wrong. I graduated from Conrad weiser In 1998 and grew up in Robesonia my whole life in the 1980/1990 and this building was always apartments .

    1. Thanks Justin. I had a heck of a time finding any info on this building. I found a redfin page saying the property was last sold in 1998 and figured thats when it was made into apartments. I suppose it just changed hands then. I’ll change it

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