Triangle Factory Outlets

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This interestingly shaped building is located at 1010 N. 9th Street, right where 8th and 9th streets split on the north end of the city. At one point it apparently held outlet stores. This was likely due to the close two block-proximity to the Reading Outlet Center, which has long been abandoned, but is currently facing redevelopment. I have no information on when this outlet opened or closed, so if you know please leave the answer in the comments.

triangle factory outlets reading pa

Below is a shot of the building today, which you can see “The Pennsylvania Trust Co.” is inscribed above the front.  I was unable to find anything about the company, when it was built and what connection they have to this building.

triangle factory outlets reading pa

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Daniel "Fedora Dan" Smith

I never knew we had this within Berks County! It reminds me of the Flatiron Building (the 22 story triangular skyscraper in NYC). It’s kind of our own little Flatiron Building in Berks County. Neat to learn about, and I’m glad I gave a follow to this blog. Never would have known about this building otherwise! I’ll have to share it with my friends and let them know about it. Thanks again for posting this!

Michael Kreiser
Michael Kreiser
6 years ago

there used to be a dance studio in there at one time back in the 60s

Michelle Dotson
Michelle Dotson
6 years ago

In the mid 90s the Idaho Spud Bar was located on the 9th St side of the Bldg

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