Berkshire Mall Clock – 1971

The Berkshire Mall was opened in 1970, and had an interesting clock “tower” located In front of what was then a Rite Aid in the south wing of the mall. It was removed at some point, however the same benches remain.  Below you can see a shot of it, along with some ladies browsing the ‘Wyomissing Women’s Club’ stand. Immediately behind the stand is Rite Aid, and going left would be stores: Chess King, Spencer Gifts, A Fabric Store (possibly the Fabric Dept?), Thom McAn, and let me know if you can make out the last one.

Below you can see the same area looking the other way from the Sears Fountain. In the background you can see Croll & Keck, Ladybug, and the same mystery store. Squint closely and you can make out the top of the same clock in the center background of the picture.

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  1. Oh I was there for sure in those days. As often as I could get there. My sister worked part time at the 5, 7, 9 shop. Fun times.

    1. You are correct Hamilton Luggage was down that way, but don’t think it was next to Thom. McCan. There was also Purple Plum and CPI right next to Sears.

  2. The mystery store was National Shirt. Next to that was Hamilton Luggage then Ladybug. Worked at Hamilton then went to National Shirt in 1980. Also my sister worked at National in the mid 70’s which was managed by local writer John Yamrus.

  3. I was assistant manager at that National Shirt in the ’71 to ’73 timeframe. Our manager was Bill Farias, a good man and one of the best bosses I ever worked for. National had an interesting approach to advertising. They would spend almost nothing on print or over-the-air ads, their philosophy was ‘your store windows are your advertising’ so they would hire very talented teams of window dressers to circulate among the stores is a district constantly updating the windows with new displays and merchandise. Seemed to work ok then when there was a lot of mall traffic, doubt it would succeed today.

  4. I remember eating lunch at Woolworth with my mom. The restaurant could be entered through the mall or through the store. Anyone else?

    1. Oh yes, I remember the restaurant next to Woolworth. Wow, I hadn’t even thought about it till I saw your post just now. I used to be at The Mall (what everyone called it when I was growing up in the area) at least once a week since I took clarinet lessons from a gentleman named Gerald Hasbrouck who was a private instructor with a studio in a mezzanine level that was above the organ store that was in the end of the mall near the John Wanamaker store.

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