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  1. Our band played there in 91′ and 92′. The owners son, Lou, played in our band. Great times and a lot of parties. One of the last time we spent there was when we had a 50th anniversary party for my parents. The owners, Lou and Judy, cooked all the food. Was an awesome time

  2. Good ole Louie…a bunch of coworkers and I would stop every Friday after work. He would put our ham and cooper cheese chunks out for us all the time

  3. I was a little confused, and then I realized that I was mixing this place up with the Beverly Hills Tavern located on the Old Fritztown Road. I haven’t been in that area for almost thirty years. I don’t think I ever went to the Camelot.

  4. At some point in 2008 or 2009 the kitchen got remodeled I was told by the contractor that it had to be done or they would loose there liquor license. It was definitely creepy place. I know for sure they never opened. The owners son Lou was or still is a patrolman for spring township because his card was tacked up on the bulletin board behind the bar.

  5. Been driving past there for 30 years. Never realized it was still open, as I’ve never seen a car parked there or a light on. After this pandemic passes, I’ll definitely stop in. I love a throw back bar.

  6. My mom bartended there in the early 80’s and stayed a tiny apartment above the bar till our home was finished construction in wernersville. My dad was part of the crew from Baltimore that moved here in 83 (??) to work at AT&T plant in Reading (which changed to Lucent then Agere). I remember sitting at a table in the bar and eating Lou giving me berks version of chicken pot pie. I remember him as having such a big heart and stayed in touch with my parents for awhile after we were settled.

  7. That was my great uncle’s restaurant. Louie Fronina was my grandfather’s brother. I remember going there when I was little. His house was on the same lot as the restaurant. My grandfather helped cook there sometimes. Great memories!

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