Reading Motor Inn - PA

The Reading Motor Inn

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The Reading Motor Inn was opened over 50 years ago, and is currently still in operation as The Inn At Reading. The Hotel sits almost perfectly today at the Route 422/222/12 interchanges. Back when it was opened, the highway did not exist like today, it was only a two lane road. Unfortunately since widening this road from a two lane road to a highway, this hotel’s once easy accessibility from Park Road became cut off. Now a little maneuvering is required to find this place, but it is still very prominently seen when driving on 422/222.

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Jerrilyn M Carter
Jerrilyn M Carter
7 years ago

I had my wedding reception there in 1970. The owners were very dear friends of my parents and decorated the room with all fresh flowers as my wedding present

Kelly B
Kelly B
5 months ago

Were the owners the Norman’s back then. I worked there in the 80’s. My dad was head of maintenance. Hal Bacon.

Alan Campbell
Alan Campbell
2 months ago
Reply to  Kelly B

Worked with Hal indirectly from 1993 to 1997. Great guy!!! Worked The Publick House Restaurant and the front desk.

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