222 Drive-In Theatre

This Drive-In was located on Route 222 in Fleetwood, specifically at 8832 Allentown Pike. It was opened in 1975 and closed in 1996, and had a capacity for 300 cars. Today, the property is occupied by Garage Strength. The last operator of the Route 222 Drive In was Anstadt and Wolfe Theatres (Paul Angstadt and Richard C. Wolfe). Originally build by the Finch family on ground owned by that family.

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  1. Hi Alexa,
    You really do your research.
    Thanks for the info on the 222 Drive-In, I never knew any of what you posted. Very Cool.

    P.S. For design purposes, IF you’d like to free up more image space on the pics, I could easily go with having my credit line 1/2 the size it is if you’d like to free up more space to see more of the image / details on the photos you credit to me.
    That way you can keep the original image and cropping as viewable as possible.

    I don’t need to be that prominent in the credit line; as long as they can read it without a magnifying glass 🙂

    I look forward to other entries and posts of interest in the future.

    Have a great day.


  2. Alexa,

    I would like to get access to the photographs shown in this article. I worked at the 222 as a projectionist, so this brings back memories for me.

    Hopefully, there are additional pictures besides what is listed here.

    George S.

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