Foscone’s Sir Goony Golf

source – Pictured in 1967

It was located on Penn Avenue in Sinking Spring, right next to the old Sinking Spring Drive-In, where there is now a Redner’s Quick Shoppe. Foscone’s Golf Center was in operation from 1969 until sometime in the mid-80s. Have images of the original location?? Please email them to me! [email protected]

Foscones goonie golf
Free Game tickets photo Courtesy of Robin Adams Kiebach

Born and raised in Berks, I am fascinated by the style, design & culture of the mid-late 20th century. I started this website to research and build a collection of the places, things and stories I have heard about my entire life. Read more here.

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Steven Rapak
Steven Rapak
5 years ago

You ROCK girl !
I grew up in West Wyomissing from the 60’s until 1982.
I have two albums on my Facebook you would probably enjoy.
Please do not copy or share any photos without asking as it took me a lifetime to personally photograph most of the pics.
Feel free to friend me on FB so you may view all of my albums – a good portion of which are nostalgic.
You’ll salivate over the , ( Care Free Days in the Convertible ) album.
Have a great day and lets keep in touch as some year I might move back to PA to open a Drive-In ( either eatery or movie theatre.
Steven Rapak (Hollywood Set designer and Builder from humble ‘ol Berks caaaaaaaaaaannnnnty naaaaaah.

Connie Fritz
Connie Fritz
5 years ago
Reply to  Steven Rapak

I belong to The Heidelberg Heritage Society of Wernersville for the 100th anniversary we where looking for pictures of Goony Golf for a book South Heidelberg did for their 100th anniversary also.So good to see these pictures.
If you have any pictures of other places of Wernernsville or South Heidelberg please share with our Society.We would appreciate the pictures for history.


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