Queen of the Valley Diner

Queen of the Valley Diner

The Queen of the Valley Diner was opened in 1954 at 1730 Penn Avenue in West Wyomissing, and sat just down from the old Iron Bridge that crossed the railroad. It was owned and operated by Charles and Gloria Schwambach, who also owned the Hitching Post Restaurant, also on Penn Avenue but further down in West Lawn, and Schwambach’s Diner on Route 61 in Temple.

The Queen of the Valley suffered a fire in July of 1959. It had to be completely rebuilt.

Queen of the Valley Diner


The Queen of the Valley Diner was finally demolished in the mid-70s when highway construction connected 422/Penn Ave all the way to the Warren street bypass. There is virtually no information about this location online, if you have any stories or picture of it, please get in touch! contact@berksnostalgia.com

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  1. Thank you for posting this. My parents took me there to eat often during the ’60’s. I too have been unsuccessful in finding any references to it online.

  2. I grew up in West Lawn. My grandmother was the hostess/cashier there for many years including the time of the fire. I remember the one cook’s name was Bill. I was only about 8 when it burned and to this day I remember the smell after the fire!

  3. The Queen of the Valley (named for the daily train that ran from Jersey City to Harrisburg) was managed by a silver-haired lady named Alice (Mike M.’s grandmother?). I don’t know who owned it before Chuck Schwambach bought it in 1959. We lived not too far from the Iron Bridge and we regularly walked the tracks to the “Queen” to hang out for a while – late 1950s and early 1960s.

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