Old Iron Bridge Connecting Wyomissing and West Lawn

This iron bridge was on 422/Penn Ave connecting Wyomissing and West Lawn. It was torn down in the early 70s to make room for the new bypass. Attractions you may remember near here included the Queen of the Valley Restaurant and the old Shells Ice Cream location. If anyone has photos of these buildings I would love to see and share them. contact@berksnostalgia.com

West Lawn - Wyomissing Iron Bridge

Picture sent in by V. Jones
Picture courtesy of  Steven Rapak’s “WWO – Back in the Day” album on facebook
Bypass bridge replacement being built in 1974

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  1. I remember the old Queen of the Valley, and Schell’s.I hope someone has pics. I also
    remember when 422 was a two-lane blacktop road running past the newly-built Berkshire Mall.

  2. Our house on the Penn Avenue spur was very close to the Iron Bride, and as boys we used to play under it. There was a kind of a surreal moon landscape there with dunes and craters. Early “Truth or Dare”? We used to dare one another to run naked across the tracks and back.

  3. My parents moved to Wyomissing in June of 1967. We lived on Evans Ave. one block down from the bridge. As a kid we used to walk across the bridge to go to West Lawn. Remember when they closed it to take it down.

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