Davis Dixie Cup

Anyone remember where this place was? It appears this little building was called Davis Dixie Cup. On the sides not facing the viewer the facade appears to be marketing Smith’s Model Dairy Ice Cream, which was located in Hamburg PA. Do you have any idea where this ice cream stand sat? Bonus points if you know the lovely lady serving the shake 🙂

Davis Dixie Cup - Reading, PA

thanks to Carol who commented below some of the relevant information

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Paul J Grady
Paul J Grady
6 years ago

Someone told me that this was up on Carsonia Ave very late 1948 early 1950

3 years ago

I don’t know where this was located, but would guess that the business name actually was “Davis’ Dixie Cup.” The other sign is just advertising the brand of ice cream it served: That of Smith’s Model Dairy, which I believe was located in Hamburg, PA.

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