Jake’s Sandwich Shop – Mt. Penn – Then & Now

inside in 1961
Google user image – Andy Shean

Jake’s was opened in 1946 and sits at 232 Carsonia Avenue in Mt. Penn. It will be celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The establishment was opened by Jake Meyers at its original location on Perkiomen Avenue. By the 1960s it was located in its current spot on Carsonia. The menu started out with burgers, hot dogs and fries and has since expanded to include all sorts of hoagies, wraps and salads. Do you have a favorite menu item?

Jakes Sandwich Shop
pictured in 1964
Jakes Sandwich Shop
Google Street View 2019

5 Replies to “Jake’s Sandwich Shop – Mt. Penn – Then & Now”

  1. I was never in the Perkiomen Ave shop. But, I did frequent the shop during the sixties . . . and have stopped in for a sandwich on occasion since. It is a Carsonia Ave institution! Glad to see a great small business survive and thrive. I like the subs . . . the Birdsboro Legion was selling Jake’s subs on Fridays before the pandemic closing . . . maybe they have resumed?

  2. Part of my soul resides there.
    Comic books, candy, TastyKakes, battleship models, cheeseburgers, the coke machines out front, the walk up Carsonia from Brooke St., …..

  3. We would go to Jake’s in the 60’s and buy models to glue together. The old models were down in the basement. It was fun looking at old car models from years gone by.

  4. I used to go there as a kid in early 2002 and get 10 cent cow tails when my dad would send me to get a news paper!

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