Sinking Spring Station 1960

Sinking Spring Railroad Station

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The Sinking Spring Station served as a major pedestrian stop for many decades. My grandmother, who grew up on Columbia Ave in the 40s and 50s has fond memories of catching trains to Hershey or into the city. By the 70s the Station house was in disrepair. Eventually the Sinking Spring Historical Society moved the building and restored it. It now sits just down the tracks from it’s original location, and serves as the headquarters of the historical society.

Sinking Spring Station
circa 1955


Sinking Spring Station
Early 1950s

Sinking Spring Station

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Doug Kline
Doug Kline
6 years ago

I remember visiting the station master as a very young kid. Some neat old memories of when the station was still in use.

Paul L. Miller
Paul L. Miller
6 years ago

Hi, From Paul Miller, President of the Sinking Spring Area Historical Society. Is there any chance we could have copies of these photos sent to us for our museum archive at the passenger station in Heritage Park, Sinking Spring. Please forward via email if possible. We do have many photos but we do not have these.

Thank you!
Paul Miller

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