Fabian Theatre at the Berkshire Mall

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A single-screen cinema, the movie theatre in the Berkshire Mall, showed its first feature August 26, 1970.  It sat where Firehouse Subs and Five Below are now. The venue would be in operation until 1982. From 1970-1973 it was owned by Fabian Theatre, 1973-1982 United Artists and called Movies 1 2 3. It was expanded across the street to Berkshire Mall West, where Old Country Buffet used to be. Eventually it moved to it’s current location at 800 Berkshire Blvd. It was owned by Fox Theatres Management from 1982-1997, in which it was then sold to Carmike Cinemas. Carmike owned the current theatre until just a few years ago in which Fox bought it yet again.

Have any images of this theatre in it’s heyday? Would love to share them. [email protected]

The closing of the mall location in 1982:

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