Cleveland Ave, Wyomissing, 1905

Pictured below is Cleveland Avenue in Wyomissing. These photos are courtesy of Wendy Sims. Her grandparent’s bought the house pictured in all of these images, 1173 Cleveland Avenue. As you can see, what is now quite a built up Wyomissing was just starting to be born around the turn of the 20th century. Thanks to Wendy for sharing these fantastic photographs.

Image was taken on what is now between Garfield & Reading Blvd, which were only dirt roads then.
1905 – photo taken from the intersection of Cleveland & Reading Blvd looking toward Happy Hollow Playground.

Born and raised in Berks, I am fascinated by the design, architecture, culture & style of the 20th century. I started this website to research and build a collection of the places, things and stories I have heard about my entire life. Read more here.

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6 years ago

Where was the person standing for photo #2? Trying to distinguish which homes are in the photo. And what is #3?

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