Chubby’s on Penn St 1969

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At the far left is the well-known Jimmie Kramer’s “Peanut Bar”, at 332 Penn St, besides which is Chubby’s Italian Sandwiches, a business also once operated on Lancaster Pike, beyond Shillington. This view dates from April 1st, 1969.

Chubby's on Penn St 1969

pictures courtesy of the Passing Scene


Chubby's on Penn St 1969

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David Richard Procter
David Richard Procter
1 year ago

Chubby’s never operated on Lancaster Avenue as far as I can remember. They were originally a very small store just below Chiarelli’s at 4th and Penn Streets (1950s- 1970s). They sold some Italian groceries and had a very small counter in the back where their sandwiches were made and sold. I think they had a good business especially at lunch times. Reading Eagle/Times employees were favorite customers. They moves several times. From there, I think they moved to the first block of North Third Street, and then they moved to their final location on the three-hundred block of Penn Street on the south side of the street (pictured). Sandwich places on Lancaster Avenue were/are Screpsi’s, V & S, and Sammy’s if they are still operating. Would love to get Chubby’s recipes for their Special Italian and Ham-on-Roll sandwiches. They were very unique and the best in the area. Difficult to duplicate without the recipes.

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