Reading Railroad – Sinking Spring – 1972

Below are a few pictures of the main Reading Railroad line tracks that follow 422 out West, in Sinking Spring. These images were taken at the Woodrow Avenue crossing. Notice the old Sinking Spring school building in the background. Also the old station building before it’s restoration in the last image. FM Brown’s Sons (image 1) has been located in that building next to the tracks since the 1960s. If you want to enjoy this scenery today, head over the the Railroad House restaurant and enjoy a beer and the passing trains. Not much has changed in this immediate area since these images were taken.
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Reading Railroad - Sinking Spring - 1972 Reading Railroad - Sinking Spring - 1972 Reading Railroad - Sinking Spring - 1972 Reading Railroad - Sinking Spring - 1972

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  1. First photo has #3640 lead unit. Now resides at the RCT&HS Museum in Hamburg. Only loco of it’s class to get the all green paint later on.

  2. Thank you for posting these old Reading company pictures. This particular railroad line was known as the Lebanon valley branch of the Reading division of the Reading Railroad The Reading was broken up into many divisions and branch lines. Thanks for posting. Jim Schlegel

  3. I am from Reading!!!:) and have many fantastic memories !!! I have since gone online and purchased A working Reading beers sign , beer cans I also have come across a glass creamer holders in Danville CA from the RR 🙂 my most recent fine is in Sedona Arizona and we found a tin for Bretzels with A thermometer calendar as well !! Carry shit

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