Miller’s Ice Cream

Miller’s Ice cream was located in Sinking Spring at 4700 Penn Avenue. Most people remember it being in operation in the 60s-70s, but I can’t find any definite info on when it opened and closed. One obit mentioned a man being a fountain clerk at a Miller’s in the 1940s. Today Hollywood Cleaners stands in it’s place, but boasts the same retro sign. Ever grab some ice cream here?

I have been told there was also a Miller’s Ice Cream location in Wyomissing along Penn Avenue. I am unsure whether they were operated by the same owners or if it was a completely different establishment. If you have any information about Miller’s feel free to drop a comment or email us at [email protected]

1970s – Photo Courtesy of Steven Rapak
Miller's Ice Cream

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Pat Huntley
Pat Huntley
5 years ago

Yes. When my husband & I were dating, we asked for one cone because we didn’t have enough for two but the owner gave us two! Also, had fun at the miniature golf course!

Donna Hess
Donna Hess
5 years ago

Great memories!

5 years ago

I remember when I was little before it closed.
But in the 80’s my dad and mom used to take my brothers and I to get ice cream.
I used to be bratty and dad would spank me for what ever u did and then I would cry; he would take me to Miller’s to get ice cream cone.

The owners knew my mom and dad because of my grand parents. They would give it to us for free.
I miss this place, I was sad when they closed up and the dry cleaners took the ice cream Shoppe.
I remember it closing up in the mid 90’s.

I told my kids about the ice cream shop that was there ;they look at me and asked why it closed up. I didn’t know why.

I grew up with ice cream at Miller’s and I’m 39 now. My parents are in their mid to late 50’s.
Things are changing nothing stays the same. But I always thought Miller’s ice cream Shoppe would of stayed.
I was born in 1978. I’m 39 now; the ice cream shop closed up in the 90’s before the dry cleaners bought the old ice cream shop. My memory is pretty good about the past.
I hope that helps/gl on finding more information.

John M Lawlor, Jr.
John M Lawlor, Jr.
5 months ago

Miller’s Ice Cream factory in the 900 block of Rose Street had a store as part of it. I walked up from 800 4th almost every Sunday in the summer in the early 1960s at passed to factory on the way to school at 3rd and Spring. There was a small alley next to the factory that connected to Spring St. The factory served several Miller’s Ice Cream locations.

Last edited 5 months ago by John M Lawlor, Jr.
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