Mary’s Dog House Luncheonette

Mary’s Dog House Luncheonette was a food establishment in St. Lawrence. Some of the favorite menu items were the hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, steak sandwiches, Bar-B-Cue and of course milk shakes. It was open between 11 a.m. and midnight seven days a week. It was located along Boyertown Road.

Mary's Dog House Luncheonette

Looking at the photos, it seemed like a pretty stereotypical Americana hangout spot for teenagers of the 1950s.

Mary's Dog House Luncheonette
Mary's Dog House Luncheonette
I’m only counting two but maybe theres something we don’t know…
Penn Pilot 1958 Aerial

Above is an aerial shot of where Mary’s Dog House Luncheonette once was. The commenters placed it at Bingaman St and Boyertown Pike.

I also could not find a firm closure date, but the establishment stopped advertising in Exeter High’s yearbook by 1960 so that might be significant.

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  1. I remember Mary’s Dog House being on Rt 562 around what became Nichols Discount Department Store. Closer to the Turkey Hill and the bank. We would stop after CCHS football practice and get a Pot ‘O Beans.

  2. Mary’s Dog House was at the corner of 562 and Bingaman St. It was on the tract where the car wash is now located.

  3. It was still an eating establishment by the late 60-early 70’s. Don’t recall the name. I went to school with the daughter (Gretchen) of the people who ran it. That school may have been at the 4 room St Lawrence school or Jacksonwald school. Gas station across the street had a stock car that ran at the fairgrounds.

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