Looking to 2021

We have made it to the end of 2020, though not without great turmoil. People, businesses, places and experiences have all been casualties of the year whose days and weeks stretched seemingly into decades.

New Year is generally a time for reflection and introspection. 2021 looks promising, and for myself personally the beginning of a new decade of life. Come July I will be turning 30, and while I can hear most of you stifling your laughter, it is a big milestone to be staring in the face. To be fair, I’m the oldest I have ever been.

I often struggle with how much of myself to let through in my content. What do my website followers really want to read? Just the nitty gritty facts on the places and things they once experienced? Should I be vague about my identity? Why would they trust a twenty-something Millennial to tell them the story of what they themselves lived? I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always get the facts right the first time.

Berks Nostalgia will be reaching a 4 year milestone in March, but the long weeks of sitting at home this past year have allowed me the time to reach a new level of intimacy with my content. Perhaps a correlation, I have also noticed an influx of subscribers across all platforms. Either I am doing something right or you all are just as bored sitting at home. Maybe a little bit of both.

You may wonder why I choose to research and write about many things I never got the opportunity to experience. Do I just enjoy listening to people talk about how great the world was before I even existed? Do I actually believe that it was? Short answer; no. Long answer; LOL no. I am a firm believer that the present is the very best time in history to be alive. Even in the dumpster fire that was 2020. I imagine one day I’ll be telling my great-grandchildren all about it. Hopefully by then we will have cured cancer and finally nailed down the flying cars, amongst other things.

I always have held an affinity for history. While Berks Nostalgia is partially that, it is also much more personal. It makes me feel closer to those I care about who did experience these things. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to make people happy recalling a time, place or brief moment in time. Its my way of keeping you all alive into the future.

We are but a culmination of our life experiences. If I can take a glimpse into your life experiences, only then can I truly know and understand you. Through this understanding we can we bridge the gap between generations. We really aren’t so different after all, and in 2021 we could all use some more connection and understanding.

What started out as a simple interest back in 2017 without much direction has proved itself a catalyst; to meet people I would have otherwise never met, to explore ways to expand upon my potential and the opportunity to explore secret towers that I may otherwise have never even opened my eyes wide enough to see. For that I am grateful.

If you are new here, welcome. If you have been with me some time, thanks for being along for the ride. Regardless, Happy New Year and expect new engaging Berks County content in 2021.

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Born and raised in Berks, I am fascinated by the style, design & culture of the mid-late 20th century. I started this website to research and build a collection of the places, things and stories I have heard about my entire life. Read more here.

8 Replies to “Looking to 2021”

  1. Hi, Alexa, Thanks for the many interesting historical emails and memories and we wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hello sweetie. I love your little page and look forward to seeing the emails. Thanks for making it and doing the work. Happy new year

  3. Thanks for your work, Alexa. Always informative, well written and entertaining. How about articles on the Penn Street movie theaters? The Astor theater, in particular, ran some great rock concerts in the early 70’s, giving it one last breath before it was torn down. Some of the biggest names would come to Reading and do a warmup show before going on a big tour.

  4. Alexa – You have quite the flair for writing, I’ve enjoyed your articles. You would be a star in the profession of journalism – if you could even make a living in it nowadays! I’m not sure most people appreciate good writing anymore, sad to say. Keep up the good work and have a great 2021!

  5. This is a fun place to visit and I enjoy seeing all the places, old businesses and hot spots from the past. Thank-you for creating this little nostalgia treasure!

  6. Your posts are doing exactly what you intend. This one, in particular, gives the reader answers to the ponderances we had about you. Every post is a blast from the past to someone. Keep going and thanks!

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