Croll & Keck

Croll & Keck, a store specializing in men’s and boy’s apparel, was located on the south side of the 600 block of Penn Street, situated next door to Pomeroy’s Department Store.  The Croll & Keck store was designed by Mr. Frederick Muhlenberg in 1927. As you can see in these photographs, its claim to fame was the beautiful lobby ceiling.


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  1. As a Cub Scout, Croll & Keck was the only store in the area where you could purchase official Cub Scout uniforms and equipment. I still remember the excitement of getting my official Cub Scout pocket knife out of the glass display case on one of the upper floors!

    1. I worked there for 23 years great memories working there it had steam heat entire building with 4 floors of merchandise First floor men’s furnishings, 2nd floor men’s clothing dept. 3rd floor boy’s dept. and scout dept. 4th floor ladies dept. Managed by Harry Berger.

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